Put a small blurb about a band of pirates feeling the wrath of the sea witch.

Back StoryEdit

Growing up on her family's merchant ship, Nem always thought she would inherit the ship from her father.  Fate, it seemed, had other ideas.  Several years before Nem was to come of age, pirates attacked the ship and slaughtered nearly everyone on board.  Nem and her mother were able to hide until the pirates set fire to the ship when they were forced to flee. One of the pirates spotted them and mortally wounded the mother with a rifle shot.  Thinking them dead, the pirates left Nem and her barely alive mother floating on wreckage.

After drifting for a couple of days, another merchant ship traveling the trade route pulled the barely alive girl from the water. By sheer luck, there was an Aldinite priest on board the ship and he was able to bring Nem back from the brink of death. However her mother was already dead. Once the ship reached its destination of Astergard, Nem took her leave from the ship. Having only the little money that the priest had given her, Nem found a job with a trading company.

After several weeks of being plagues by the nightmares of her parents death, Nem swore vengeance on the pirates that killed her family. Remembering the power that the priest possessed, Nem started searching for a mage to teach her magic. Finding one that was capable was easy; however, finding one that would take her with the little amount of money that she had was much more difficult. Finally she found an instructor in the form of an old hermit...

Character InformationEdit


Attr Rank Adj
STR 8 -3
SIZ 8 -3
AGL 10 0
REF 12 4
CON 14 8
FOR 8 -3
REA 12 4
WIL 12 4
SPR 14 8
PER 12 4


  • Blood Magician (Racial)
  • Low-Light Vision (Racial)
  • Psychic Resistance (Racial)
  • Thaumaturge
  • Nightmares
  • Obsession
  • Stamina (2)
  • Lucky (2)

Starting SkillsEdit

Skill Rank Points
Discipline: Water 4 16
Casting: Water 4 16
Discipline: Thunder 4 16
Casting: Thunder 4 16
Ethereal Accuracy 6 18

Suggested Heroic CharacteristicsEdit

  • Componentless Casting
  • Hands-free Casting
  • Innate Infusion
  • Lucky
  • Quick Casting
  • Quiet Casting
  • Shapeshift Casting
  • Power Flux
  • Power Burst
  • Blood Magician