The psychic has the ability to make a specific effect contingent, similar to the Contingency spell. This HC may be taken multiple times, but each time it is applied to a different psychic ability.

To make an effect contingent, the psychic must first use the ability, but the strain is doubled, including the strain for any duration or maintenance. Contingent effects must be set upon the psychic himself or a personal belonging that will not travel farther than 30 feet from the psychic. The Contingency may have up to three conditions, which must comply with the rules indicated in the entry on the Contingency spell. The maintenance cost on a psychic contingency is always equal to the strain of the effect, once daily.

Heroic Characteristic DetailsEdit

10 points
Max Ranks
Can be taken once per psychic ability the character possesses.
Rank 6 in the psychic ability.