Description: The character has studied a magical energy to the point where he can disrupt the casting attempts of others when they cast spells that belong to the specified discipline. When this HC is taken, the character gains a new skill, Counterspelling. This new skill is adjusted by WIL for psychic disciplines and SPIRIT for arcanum and shuri disciplines. By taking a major action to actively counter a spell, the counter speller can make an opposed Counterspelling skill check. If the counterspeller (or psychic warder, as psychics are called) has a result greater than the spell caster's spell casting skill check, the spell fizzles. Spells that fail because of a counter spell attempt do not cost the the caster any STAM. The counter-caster must spend 1 STAM, regardless of success or failure. Counterspelling is considered a major action and suffers from multiple action penalties if attempting to perform multiple actions or counter multiple spells in a single round. Counterspelling is considered to be a defensive action and thus can benefit from the "using more actions than allowed for defense" rule detailed in the system rules. Counterspelling does not dispell existing magic. Counterspelling can block a contingent spell if the counterspeller is aware of the effect as it is happening, although the counterspelling attempt is at -40 AV.

This HC can be taken multiple times. Each time it is taken, the character chooses a different discipline that the character will learn how to counter. Characters that know only magic disciplines are limited to choosing only other magic disciplines. Likewise, psychics are limited to choosing only other psychic disciplines. Voids can choose any discipline except manipulation. Sinks gain a +5 AV adjustment to all countering attempts per rank of Sink and are also capable of countering the Manipulation discipline. Manipulators can not take this HC unless they possess other Psychic or Arcanum abilities.

Counterspellers can attempt to counter disciplines that they are unfamiliar with, but with great penalty. Attempting to counter a spell without knowing the correct discipline imposes a -40 AV penalty to the roll. At least one countering discipline of that type must be known in order to attempt to counter. Thus, to counter psychic ability, the character must know how to counter at least one type of psychic discipline. Manipulation can only be countered if the character specifically takes Countering: Manipulation.

Heroic Characteristic DetailsEdit

10 points per discipline
The character must possess at least 4 ranks in at least one magical or psychic discipline. Voids and Sinks can also take this heroic characteristic despite their lack of knowledge, but they must have a Spellcraft skill of 8 in order to unlock their talent.