30 points per rank
Max Ranks
2 ranks
4 ranks of Lightning Reflexes HC
Agility: 12

The character is so quick and deft that she can actually deflect arrows, thrown objects, and objects hurled by the Launch Projectile ability (but not bullets or spells). The character gets to make a weapon skill check(125) or Weapon Skill(attack result) test, whichever is more difficult, any time that the character would have other wise been struck by an arrow or thrown weapon as a last effort to avoid damage. Naturally, the character can not use this ability if surprised, bound, blind, or otherwise unaware of the attack. Using this ability while unarmed is possible but the character only uses half of his effective Unarmed Attack AV unless the character possesses at least 2 ranks of the Unarmed Adept HC.

If the character uses the Weapon Shield ability with along with this HC, the character gains the +5 bonus per rank of Weapon Shield to defense rating against arrows, bolts, and thrown weapons also. This ability also benefits from bonuses from the Lightning Reflexes trait.

  • Rank 1: Use of this ability counts as a major defensive action against the character's next round of actions.
  • Rank 2: The character can use this ability once per round as a free defensive action.