This HC is very similar to the Animal Form HC except the character has mastered nature and the elements to the extent that she can become the very embodiment of the elements. When taking this HC, the character must choose to either take a new form or gain another shift.

Shifts: Each elemental shift that the character possesses allows her to change into one of her elemental forms and back once per day. A character with three shifts gains the ability to shift forms three times per day and could choose the same form three times or could choose to shift three separate forms once each day.

Forms: The forms available up to choose from depend upon which disciplines the character has mastered. The elemental disciplines Fire, Air, Earth, and Water can only choose the elemental form associated with their alignment. The Nature discipline allows the character to choose any of the four prime elements. Shadowmancy allows the character to assume the form of a shadowbeast.

Changing form takes one full round, and all equipment and clothing worn becomes part of the new form. The elemental form chosen uses the physical stats of a specimen of with a SIZE attribute equal to the character's own SIZE or SPIRIT score, whichever is higher. These new values may change the character's Health Points and Defense Rating. While in elemental form, the character gains all the innate abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of the elemental form. While in elemental form, the character can not cast any magic except elemental magic associated with the matching element. When a character enters combat with an Elemental Form, she must use a new martial skill called Elemental Form (a 3x skill). This skill represents her combat skill while fighting in that particular Elemental Form.

A character's with this HC keeps separate hit point totals for her elemental and physical forms, each retain their own hit point values which heal naturally over time. It is impossible to heal an elemental form except through rest. Thus, if a character was seriously injured while in one elemental form, it is possible for the character to have a perfectly healthy physical body but still suffer grievous injuries if she chooses to return back to the injured elemental form.

Heroic Characteristic DetailsEdit

80 points per form, 40 points per shift
Max Ranks
See description
Rank 16 in one of the following disciplines: Nature, Transmutation, Shadowmancy, Fire, Air, Earth, or Water.