The character is capable of resisting one particular element very well. The energy types that can be chosen are Air, Earth, Fire (heat), Water (Cold), Electricity, Acid, Shadow, Arcane, Necromantic, and Demonic energies. This protection only applies to energy damage. This HC can be taken multiple times for multiple energy types.

This HC can be bought for the same type of enery multiple times.

  • Rank 1: The character gains 6 points of elemental absorbsion in the selected element, as per the Abjurer's Mantle spell.
  • Rank 2: The protection extends to the character's carried equipment.
  • Rank 3: The character can extend this protection to a single creature that he is touching.
  • Rank 4: Additional 6 points of absorbsion. This rank costs 60 points instead of the standard 30.

Heroic Characteristic DetailsEdit

30 points per rank, 60 points to double resistance.
Max Ranks
Elemental, abjuration, or nature discipline: rank 12 OR
Pyrokinetic psychics can take Fire(heat) resistance if they achieve a rank 12 in the Pyrokinesis discipline. OR
The character has suffered at least 100 points of damage from that type of element