There are several races that inhabit the world of Kantia.  From your average human to the exotic Shou and the stalwart Dwarf.

Common Playable RacesEdit


You. Me. The guy next door. Well, maybe not him, he's a martian.

Humans are the most common civilized race in the Kantia campaign setting, although they are certainly outnumbered by goblinoids if non-civilized races are counted.  Humans are characterized by having average stats without any noteworthy attribute bonuses or penalties. Humans have naturally latent psionic potential and are otherwise not limited in many ways concerning character creation and skill selections.


Give one a riot shield and a shotgun and you've got an adventure!

Dwarves are most common in the northern reaches of the continent. Stout, sturdy, logical, and innovative, Dwarves have bonuses to Constitution and Fortitude but suffer penalties to Agility and Spirit. Historically the Dwarves were isolationist but after centuries of territorial conflict in the northern tundras and the loss of their mountain homelands, the Dwarven outlook has started to embrace relations with humans and Rom-shur and even many of the beastial races.

Lacking little magical ability, Dwarves have compensated with mechanical, alchemal, and scientific invention.  In many respects the Dwarves' lack of magical ability and harsh northern environment have caused them to make significant gains over the other races in manufacturing, transportation, and warfare. The realm of power once held by powerful magi is certainly threatened by lowly commoners weilding easily crafted firearms.


One of the Beastial Races, the Shou are often proud and noble nomads, traders, and artisans of the southern deserts.  Once enslaved by the Rom-shur in ages past, the Shou have used their newfound freedom to focus on honor and commerce. Shou are a deeply spiritual race and many have lived part of their lives attending school in monastaries dedicated to seeking knowledge, understanding, and personal strength.


Rom-Shur are the direct mortal descendants of the old gods, the Shuritan.  Most Rom-shur society is caste-oriented with rich, powerful magi and shamans in charge of most of their society. The Rom-shur are respected but opinion varies wildly about them. Many people simply don't distrust them. They are a largely Luddite society that eschews technology in favor of magic. While most people will never master magic, a huge portion of the Rom-shur population has at least some minor training in the arcane arts.

Klanzvulf LukoiEdit

A cultish tribe of humans that long ago were transformed into wolflike beasts by their savage god. Often mistaken for werewolves, the Klanzvulf have a number of sub-clans which are very distinct. Some are more civilized than others, some are religious fundamentalists trying to distance themselves from their old god, and some are savage and primal barbarians that seek only to preserve their tribal customs.


Now that's a face for radio!


Big, really big.  Also, they like to farming and animal husbandry.


The reptilian races.  Choose gator, snake, or lizard.


Notable RacesEdit