In certain circumstances, the character may fail this skill and not be aware of it. If that possibility exists, the game keeper should roll the skill check for the player instead.
Alchmey is a little bit of science and a little bit of magic. Alchemists can identify substances and create potions and antidotes. Alchemy is expensive and every attempt usually costs money. Alchemy is a very time consuming activity, taking at least an hour, sometimes days or weeks, depending on the project and the materials at hand. A separate appendix is devoted solely to this skill.
70+ TAV: Identify new Potion/Substance/Poison with extra diff. modifiers for rarity and preciousness. Cost: 5% of retail cost.
130 TAV: Duplicating a known potion. Failure results in the loss of one dose of the sample potion. Cost is equal to creating the same potion from scratch.
-60 AV: Not using an alchemy lab.