Concentration is a character's ability to maintain focus when performing an action that requires full attention, particularly spell casting or while taking careful aim. Normally, a character will have no difficulty performing those actions, but sometimes something happens that can ruin concentration. Being injured, surprised, or distracted by dangerous activity around can cause a character to lose concentration, losing aim or causing a spell to fizzle out and fail. By making a concentration test, the character won't lose a spell or careful aim bonuses if he or she is hit.
Ignore distractions 50 TAV.
Ignore damage Diff. equal to 50 + 5x the total number of points of damage taken during that round. This does not negate damage penalties, but simply allows the character to keep concentration on a spell or careful aim after being hit.
Iron Mind This is a passive use of this skill which adds the character's Concentration skill rank to his or her Willpower and Spirit AVs for the purposes of resisting mind or spirit controlling spells such as charm, suggestion, etc. This only applies if the character is aware of the mental attack.