Bludgeon damage and damage suffered from poisoning, drowning, etc., is not treatable through the use of immediate care. Using this skill without possessing any ranks of this skill imposes a -20 penalty to any skill checks.
The character is capable of performing essential first aid upon injured individual. First aid is also used to stabilize severe wounds that can get worse. First Aid takes several minutes to perform, thus it is usually impossible to perform First Aid during the heat of battle. More information is given in the chapter on Health and Damage.
Immediate Care: LW 70 TAV
Immediate Care: MW 90 TAV
Immediate Care: SW 110 TAV
Stabilize LW 30 TAV
Stabilize MW 50 TAV
Stabilize SW 70 TAV
Self Care and Treatment +20 TAV

Immediate Care: Immediate care must be performed within five minutes of injury. In the case of combat injuries, a recipient of immediate care can only benefit from one successful use of immediate care. Immediate care will heal a number of LW, MW, or SW equal to 1/3, 1/4, or 1/6 (rounded up) of the medic's skill respectively. As a matter of game balance, only one type of damage can be healed in this manner. Only damage suffered from the immediate combat or injury can be healed, so any extra healing is ignored.

Stabilize Wounds: Wound damage needs to be stabilized before it can begin healing. Usually this is important only for SW damage. If the character makes a successful First Aid check on a wounded individual to stabilize the wounds, she adds 1/2 of her first aid AV to the recipient's stabilization CON check.

Skill Synergy: If the character also possesses the Medicine skill, the character's Medicine rank can be added to the character's First Aid rank when determining how much damage can be healed by immediate care.