Hunting/Fishing indicates that the character knows how to find game and fish. Difficulty of hunting and fishing is dependent upon several things. The frequency of hunting or fishing tests should depend on the area and type of game sought, but the most frequent tests should be no quicker than 1 hour. On average, hunting tests should be allowed twice per day, and fishing tests 4 times per day. Success indicates that the character found some game or caught some fish.

50 TAV The character is willing to hunt anything acceptable.
70 TAV The character is looking for a class of game: e.g. small game, big game, trophy game.
90 TAV The character is looking for a specific species: e.g. Elk, deer, bear, unicorn, etc.
+10 TAV Near large population center
+20 TAV Area is over hunted
+X Diff That type of animal is rare in this region. The difficulty will vary with rarity.
-20 TAV Area is overpopulated with that species or type of animal.
-20 TAV The character is intimately familiar with hunting in that area (at the Game Keeper's discretion).
+20 TAV or up Character does not have a fishing pole, line, spear, or other acceptable fishing implement. Some fish are nearly impossible to catch without proper equipment.

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