The investigations skill includes a wide range of knowledge and skills, ranging from forensic knowledge and proper investigative procedure to suspect profiling and questioning. Characters with this skill are also more likely to notice things that are suspicious or out of place. Investigating the scene of a crime takes at least several minutes, if not hours or days.
70 TAV Determine size of assailant
70 TAV Determine cause of violent death
80 TAV Determine method of operation
80 TAV Determine motive
Detect forgery Diff. equal to forger's skill. Often an opposed roll versus the quality of the forgery. Requires knowledge of proper documentation or handwriting samples of the original writer.
110 TAV Create criminal profile
+10 TAV Minor lack of evidence
+20 TAV Significant lack of evidence
+30 TAV Major lack of evidence
+40 TAV Extreme lack of evidence
+10 TAV Tainted evidence or crime scene
70-120 TAV Notice out of ordinary situation

Synergy skills: Each of the following skills could be synergetic in the proper context. Medicine, Weapon Skills, Appraisal, Gunsmithing, Linguistics, Tracking, Flora/Fauna, Herbalism, Alchemy, Forgery, Lock Picking, Craft (lock smithing), Research, Spellcraft.