The listen skill is a measure of how well a character can focus her ability to hear things. It is used to hear someone sneaking up from behind or to listen through doors. This skill is also used to identify or focus on specific conversations in noisy environments, such as eavesdropping on a conversation in a crowded bar. This skill can be a game keeper roll or player roll, at the game keeper's discretion.

0 TAV People talking normally.
50 TAV People talking quietly or whispering.
25 TAV Armored person walking on stone or wood.
50 TAV Unarmored person with soft shoes walking on stone or wood.
Opposed Hearing a person who is sneaking up on the character. Opposed check versus stealth.
+10 TAV Moderate noise.
+20 TAV Heavy noise (market or crowded tavern)
+40 TAV Extreme noise (battle, emergency, marching band)
+5 TAV Per every 5 feet between the listener and the noise source.
+25 TAV Listening through a door
+50 TAV Listening through a wooden wall
+75 TAV Listening through a stone wall

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