Through the use of meditation, the character can also gain benefits, such as the ability to boost strength and ignore pain temporarily.

Use TAV Description
Ignore Pain Penalties 5 TAV per pt. of damage. Must make a test each minute (experience checks are only granted once per set of injuries). Character may add their Stun/Pain Threshold to this skill check.
Summon Inner Strength TAV= 50 +EPOT x 10 The character boosts her strength by EPOT for 3 rounds. Counts as a major action in the round the ability is used. Character uses 1 extra stamina per EPOT each round while "pumped up" with this ability. (A maximum of 1 experience check per day is allowed for using the skill in this manner). Not cumulative with Shou Spirit Way effects.
Stamina Burst TAV= 30 +EPOTx5 The character gains EPOT stamina which must be used in the next six rounds. Any left over will be lost. This ability may only be attempted once per day.
Stamina Recovery TAV=30 +EPOT x 20 The character must meditate for one hour, recovering EPOT stamina each hour that meditation is maintained. Use of this skill in this manner can replace sleep. A skill check is required each hour to determine success (A maximum of 1 experience check per day is allowed for using the skill in this manner).
Iron Mind n/a This is a passive use of this skill which adds the character's Meditation skill rank to his or her Willpower and Spirit AVs for the purposes of resisting mind or spirit controlling spells such as charm, suggestion, etc.



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