Special. Armor penalties apply.


This skill is used when a character attempts to move silently and avoid being heard or noticed by hearing or creatures with tremorsense. When attempting to use this skill, the character rolls a Move Silently test opposed by any potential listeners' Listen skill. Both Size and Agility adjust a character's ability to move silently.

  • Agility adjustment.
  • Negative value of SIZ adjustment.

A character's ability to move silently can be hindered or assisted by armor, ground conditions, and background noise.

-5 to -30 AV Creaky Floors
-20 AV Gravel
-10 AV Wearing hard boots or footwear
+10 AV Noiseless Footing (soft carpet)
+10 AV Light background noise (talking)
+20 AV Moderate background noise (wind, running water)
+40 AV Loud background noise (machinery, waterfall, combat noises, etc.)
-variable Armor penalties.

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