Search is a measure of the character's ability to look for things such as secret doors, traps, evidence, a specific book. It is also used when performing some actions, such as ransacking a room.

100 TAV Find a well hidden concealed or secret door or trap.
100+ TAV Find magical traps, glyphs, and runes without setting them off.
50 TAV Find a book in a well organized library.
25 TAV Find an item in a room that was not hidden.
50 TAV Find an item in a room that was either poorly hidden or hidden in a common or logical place.
70 TAV Find an item that was hidden well or hidden in an uncommon location.
90 TAV Find an item that was extremely well hidden or is hidden in an obscure location.
110+ TAV Find an item that was so well hidden the owner has probably forgotten where the item was left.

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