Once per day, the character can call upon her faith to smite one non-believer. For each level of the HC, the target will take 1d6 points of armor bypassing MW damage. The target must be within 30 yards of the character. The attack damage is staged by the Spirit scores of the believer and the target. The character can choose to cause less severe or smaller amounts of damage if she desires. This ability requires only that the character be able to speak aloud and decry the target for his crimes against the believer's faith.

Smite will not work on anyone who shares the same faith or is a member of a faith system that is not at conflict with the character's faith. The only exception is if the character is subject to an unprovoked attack by someone that she would normally not be able to use the ability on.

Heroic Characteristic DetailsEdit

15 points per rank
Max Ranks
5 ranks
Faith Discipline: 8
If the Hero behaves in a manner inconsistent with the divine teachings of his faith or the faith that bestowed this blessing, the effects of this HC are lost until the character atones. Using this ability for personal profit is considered a blasphemy.