When this HC is taken, the player must declare whether it applies to melee weapons or ranged weapons (including thrown weapons). Upon taking this HC the character gains the ability to use all melee or all ranged weapons at the same skill rank. The character gains a new generic skill, "Melee Attack" or "Ranged Attack". This new combat skill is a 4x skill that starts at the same rank as the character's highest combat skill of that type. Additionally, the skill gains a one-time bonus experience award equal to the number of ranks of other skills of that type that the character possesses. From that point forward, the character no longer uses their old skills and uses only the generic skill instead.

Heroic Characteristic DetailsEdit

120 points.
  • Melee version: Must have two 3x melee skills at rank 8 or higher OR two 4x melee skills at rank 6 or higher OR total melee weapon skill ranks exceeding 24 ranks.
  • Ranged version: Must have two 3x ranged skills at rank 8 or higher OR two 4x ranged skills at rank 6 or highter OR total ranged weapon skill ranks exceeding 24 ranks (including throw).
This HC does not apply to brawling or martial arts skills. Extremely exotic and odd weapons that are either very complicated or very foreign in concept are not included in the scope of this HC.

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