Description: The character is capable of a blazingly fast display of weapon skill by expertly whirling the chosen weapon about her body in a lethal protective shield. A weapon shield requires full attention of the character plus a weapon skill test with a difficulty equal to the weapon difficulty +50. Any melee attack attempted against the character automatically gives the her the chance to make 1 attack roll per level of the HC at her full AV. She can only get the free attacks against 2 opponents per HC in this manner. Additionally, the character's defense rating gains a +5 bonus per level of the HC against melee attacks. Each round that a weapon shield is maintained drains 2 stamina from the character.

If the character uses the Weapon Shield ability with along with this the Deflect Arrows HC, the character also gains the +5 bonus per Weapon Shield rank to defense rating against arrows, bolts, thrown weapons, and objects launched using the Launch Projectile ability, but not magic and firearms.

While she is performing a weapon shield, the character is unable to cast spells or use psychic abilities or any other major actions. The character can only make free movements or take free actions. If struck while performing a weapons shield maneuver, the warrior must make a successful Concentration(Ignore Damage) test or lose rhythm, ending the shield effect.

If the character performs a weapon shield maneuver with two-weapons that the character has taken the Weapon Shield HC with, the character gains only a +5 deflection bonus to DR. The character can take any extra attacks allowed by this HC with both weapons, but any penalties associated with multiple weapons use still apply.

Heroic Characteristic DetailsEdit

30 points per rank
Max Ranks
3 ranks. This HC can be taken multiple times for differnt weapons.
Melee weapon skill: rank 12
Flashy Warrior HC
Agility: rank 12